Liam Molesworth

CEO & Co-Founder

Whether working with clients, colleagues, or industry partners, Liam is a charismatic and visionary leader who inspires those around him to achieve great things.



Chief Executive Officer

Liam, the driving force of Woodrow Mercer Healthcare, has a background in recruitment that has shaped his vision for transforming the delivery of health and care. Liam brings a wealth of experience to the team and has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare industry. With his passion for innovation and commitment to excellence, Liam is leading Woodrow Mercer Healthcare towards a future of success and growth to make a meaningful difference to people in need of quality healthcare services.

Our Values

Woodrow Mercer Healthcare share a sense of purpose and direction with Mprove and Tech Canal via four core values to create consistency and continuity across the Clive Henry Group...

Work Ethic
A strong work ethic means that our team is dedicated to putting in the time and effort necessary to understand the needs of our clients and deliver tailored solutions that meet those needs. It also means that team members are reliable, accountable and committed to delivering consistent and cost-effective results.
Maintaining respect is essential for building positive relationships. Showing respect means treating our clients and colleagues with dignity and courtesy, valuing their opinions, and listening to their concerns. It also means understanding and appreciating the unique needs and perspectives of different organisations. Respect helps to create an environment of trust and collaboration between healthcare providers, patients and their families, and the wider community. By treating clients, colleagues, and the healthcare community with respect, we are able to build strong, productive relationships and work effectively to achieve positive outcomes.
Maturity is essential for delivering high-quality, effective consulting services and building strong, productive relationships with our clients. Maturity ensures the team are professional, reliable and make sound decisions in the best interest of our clients. With maturity, we are able to handle complex and challenging situations with a sense of responsibility, level-headedness, and professionalism, to guarantee that patients receive the best possible care.
Being focused enables our team to stay on track and deliver solutions that are relevant and tailored to our client's needs. We are also able to identify and mitigate potential problems at an early stage by staying focused on our objectives and goals, and by monitoring progress closely to achieve the desired results and outcomes.

"Bringing together Processes, People, and Technology, to enable real change in the delivery of healthcare." - Clive Henry Group


"Bringing together Processes, People, and Technology, to enable real change in the delivery of healthcare." - Clive Henry Group